An area rich in history, the one in which the property in Rapolano Terme stands, framed by the sinuous Tuscan hills, designed by endless rows of vineyards and olive groves with harmonious geometries. Here, where one of the world's most appreciated and well-known wines has always been produced, small corners of paradise are hidden among the most luxuriant nature, offering unexpected breathtaking views. It is in this idyllic setting that the complex for sale is located, an Estate totalling 558.40 Ha, of which:
Ha 450 Woodland

Ha 55 Irrigated arable land with fixed system fed by 2 artificial lakes

Ha 29.5 Specialised olive grove of which Ha super-intensive olive grove quality holm oak of the horn.

Ha 3 Specialised vineyard with irrigation system.

Ha 12 Dry arable land.

Ha 8.9 Roads.

The Estate is located about 1.5 km from Antiqua Querciolaia Spa, only 2 km from Rapolano Terme, in the province of Siena; 30 km from Siena, 45 km from Arezzo, 40 km from Montepulciano and about 90 km from Florence. Thanks to its favourable position near Siena, on the Siena-Bettole motorway, the peaceful and suggestive environment of the Sienese hills rich in woods, olive groves and beautiful farmhouses.
All the buildings are now in the most classic Tuscan style, with elegant exposed stonework covering the entire structure. From any interior, the large windows looking out onto the enchanting surrounding scenery seem to annul any barrier between interior and exterior, creating a perfect continuity between architecture and landscape.
It is composed of 13 farmhouses, three of which have been completely renovated respecting ancient traditions but equipped with all modern comforts, used for the important agritourism activity with approximately 60 beds, in addition to the restaurant, which is carried out offering an important income opportunity, which can obviously be increased on the other farmhouses; the activity also includes a salt-water swimming pool available to all guests staying on site. Both the flats and the suites have a fully equipped kitchenette. The other farmhouses present, except for two, are all in good condition.

Farmhouse n° 1 S.MARIA: restored to agritourism surface area 312 sq m

Farmhouse n° 2 CASETTA: inhabited, renovated in 2021 sq m 241  

Farmhouse n° 3 PALAZZETTA: discreet condition sq m 321

Farmhouse n° 4 CERINO: discreet conditions, changing rooms, bathrooms, warehouse.

Farmhouse n° 5 CASALINO: restructured with swimming pool, oil mill and n° 5 flats for agritourism for a total of 541 square metres.

Farmhouse n° 6 NISTIOLA: uninhabited, discreet conditions, authorised renovation, square metres 426

Farmhouse n° 7 LE CASE: uninhabited, mediocre conditions 264 square metres

Farmhouse n° 8 LA PALMIERA : restructured for agritourism n°4 flats sq.m 242

Farmhouse n° 9 CAGGIOLO : uninhabited 467 sqm

Farmhouse n° 10 CERINO: used as wine cellar and new biomass plant 1,000 sqm with agricultural shed, sheds, drying room and silos.

Agritourism activity authorised for 30 beds.

Hunting agritourism farm of approximately 400 ha, with a dog training area for shooting game, a pheasant breeding farm and a breeding farm for "Cinta senese" pigs in a fenced area of approximately 11 ha, part wood and part olive grove and vineyard.

Energy production plant by means of photovoltaic panels of about Kwp 800.00 that allows energy autonomy and sale, built in 2010, energy account.

Olive press plant completely renovated in 2019, with bottling and labelling of the oil with the company brand.

It also has a wine cellar with new technologies for the production, storage, bottling and tasting of wine and a biomass plant of Kwp200.The inter-modal road network is good.

As in the past, the estate lives off its products, producing DOC Grance Senesi wine on about 3 hectares with specialised vineyard, technological cellar, processing; as well as the ageing and storage itself, bottling and tasting area. Production of extra virgin olive oil extracted in the farm's own oil mill, from olives harvested from the 15,000 olive trees present, most of which are bred with super-intensive systems, set up for mechanised harvesting. Corn and other cereals, as well as cured meats derived from an in-house breeding of the 'Cinta Senese' breed, are other products that can be purchased directly from the farm. On the farm there are also five small lakes artificially created for the farm's needs and for sport fishing.

The estate also includes a biomass production plant with various annexes for about 1000 square metres, which has never been used, and an important photovoltaic plant, of about 800.00 kWp, which allows for energy autonomy and sales; as well as sheds for equipment storage, goods storage, drying room and silos. A small private Romanesque parish church is located a few dozen metres away and is used for weddings and other ceremonies.
There is a large thermal park and swimming pools, with a well-equipped wellness centre.
On a large part of the estate, about 400 hectares, there is a wildlife/sheep-breeding farm, with an area for training dogs for game slaughter and a pheasant farm.

Part of the land of the aforesaid estate is part of a project called 'International Thermal Park' and consequently, on about 100 hectares of land marked in the P.R.G., about 110,000 cubic metres could be built with D6 (Thermal Park) destination.

In this regard, the concession of the available thermal waters is planned for 2023, which could also be allocated taking into account the proposed development project for their exploitation.

In a piece of land on the edge of the property is a well from which sulphurous thermal water at a temperature of 28°, in the quantity of about 3,600 litres/minute, already analysed for years by ARPAT, flows out.

The property represents the ideal place for thermal and refined tourism that can be further developed through the restoration of the various typical Tuscan farmhouses, each of which allows for its own independence and privacy.

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Needs expression of interest (LOI).

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Estate in Rapolano Terme province of Siena Tuscany

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